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Copyright The Radisaurs. All rights reserved.

Author Illustrator: David Aiello

I grew up heavily influenced by the Beginner Books series by Dr. Seuss. To this day, I can still recite from memory all of Fox in Socks - much to the chagrin of my friends! In my Radisaurs series of books, I try to capture the joy I experienced with these early readers. 

My photos are the basis for much of the imagery that inhabits the pages of my books. But my experiences with my own children and my desire to more fully explore and perpetuate those experiences is my true motivation for the Radisaurs.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, I know spend time in both Phoenix, AZ, and Portland, OR. In my spare time I like pretending I am the Hercules of the rock and roll bass guitar! 

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I hope you enjoy the Radisaurs. Please contact me if you have questions or comments – or would like to offer me a major publishing contract or movie deal!

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I mentioned my photographs are the basis for some of the imagery in the Radisaurs series of books. I invite you to visit my shop on to look and even purchase some of my images. Check this site often as I am always adding new work.